Industrial Machine Repair Services
A Plus Machine takes advantage of a wide range of machines for our In-House and
On-Site Machining. In addition to these great assets, we have established ourselves as distributors for LINDE Industrial Gases and Supplies and GATES Hydraulic Hose & Fittings.


  • Building Capacity (30,000 square feet with 18-foot Ceiling Height)
  • Portable/On-Site Boring Machine (1.5″ diameter up to 24′ Diameter Bore)
  • TIG, MIG, & Stick Welders (stainless steel, mild steel, cast iron, alloy steel. & aluminum)
  • Portable/On-Site Line Boring Machine (1-1/2 diameter up to 24 inches bore up to 10 feet long)
  • Large Horizontal Boring Mills with the capability to line bore (table weights over 20,000 lbs.)
  • Portable/On-Site Milling Machine (pocketing – (resurfacing, pocketing, flange facing, re-cutting & t-slotting)
  • CNC Lathes (Capable of 33.0 diameter x 240.0″)
  • Manual Lathes (Up to 36″ swing and 320″ between centers)
  • Cylindrical Grinder (capable up to 7-inch diameter x 38 inches between centers)
  • Gates Hydraulic Hose Machine (capable up to 2-inch diameter & 6 wire)
  • Rotary Grinders (capable up to 36 inches high x 100-inch square)
  • Horizontal Band Saws (capability up to 18″)
  • Portable/On-Site Welder
  • 250 Ton C-Press
  • Vertical Mills

Here at A-Plus Machine, we work with numerous metals, including alloys, brass, bronze, aluminum, structural steel, castings, stainless steel & much more.

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