Wolniak Machine Corp.

A Plus Machine, LLC Purchases Wolniak Machine Corp.

A Plus Machine purchased Wolniak Machine Corporation, which was originally founded in Cornell, WI in 1982; A Plus Machine’s current facility site. Wolniak Machine Corporation was owned by Robert Wolniak and serviced die casting companies from coast to coast and in Canada. They were capable of rebuilding, re-manufacturing and retrofitting any size and type of die cast machine. Wolniak Machine Corporation built their first low-impact shot system in 1986 which specialized in assisting the customer make parts that were oversized for the machine tonnage rating. In addition to machine rebuilds and shot systems, they had a product line that included replacement parts, cylinders, safety systems, die height systems, ejector assemblies and manifolds. Wolniak Machine Corporation was fully staffed with machinists, electrical and hydraulic personnel combining more than 30 years of experience rebuilding and upgrading older die cast machines to help create a more efficient production facility for the customer.

A Plus Machine LLC purchased Wolniak Machine Corporation and its facilities in the beginning of September 2003 and subsequently purchased all Wolniak Machine Corporation prints in 2004. A Plus Machine will service any previously produced Wolniak Machine Corporation machine, part or shot end. A Plus Machine offers customers continued experience rebuilding, remanufacturing and retrofitting their older die cast machines to keep up the continuous growth and efficiency demands of today’s die casting industry.