Die Cast Machine Rebuild

Top Half Rebuild

(Manufacture, repair, and replacement of parts as needed)


Upon arrival

  1. Inspection of machine and component condition
  2. Inspection for excessive wear and cracks
  3. Photograph parts and communicate with customer
  4. Pressure wash parts



  1. Manufacture new carburized and ground pins.



  1. Manufacture new bronze toggle, cross-head, guide bar, and tie bar bushings



  1. Manufacture new links
  2. Resurfacing mounting surfaces



  1. Cleaning of lube passages
  2. Replace lube lines and blocks


Custom modifications

  1. Double lube port modification
  2. Full-floating pin modification
  3. Other customer specified modifications.


Guide bar

  1. Manufacture new guide bar
  2. Polish and hone guide bar


Tie bars

  1. Manufacture new tie bars
  2. Polish and clean/chase thread



  1. Resurfacing
  2. T-slot cutting
  3. Manufacture hardened wear plates.
  4. Boring
  5. Re-cutting pockets


Closing, ejector, shot, and tie bar pulling cylinders.

  1. Seals, piston, and bushing replacement
  2. Honing



  1. Manufacture wear pads



  1. Machine reassembly
  2. Machine painting


A Top-Half Machine Rebuild of your die cast machine offers significant time & cost savings. The customer will experience less downtime as the machine’s base does not have to be removed and shipped, and there is ultimately less rebuild time involved. 

Also, shipping only the top half of the machine results in lower freight costs. Give us a call or request a quote below.


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